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Dr. Manu Alexander and Dr. Jane Bonjung Koo’s integrative approach to dentistry combined with the most technologically advanced equipment assures that each client is receiving the best possible treatment available. More About Our Dentists...

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It’s time for patients to have an advocate in the world of dentistry. Just step through the doors. You will find an oasis, a serene environment that will transform your mental picture of a dentist office. Replace anxiety with a massage, stale magazines for complementary smoothies.

Since pre-Civil War, the American population have had cavities filled with what typically been referred to as ‘silver’ fillings. In actuality the content is 43 to 54% mercury.

Recent studies have indicated that mercury vapor is consistently released from fillings in varying degrees into the blood stream through the mouth. At Smile Spa, we offer patients healthy alternatives in addition to biologically safe traditional methods. Natural-looking materials to conventional “silver-colored fillings” – materials made from porcelain and composite resins, which are colored to match natural tooth enamel. Read More...


Carrying Dental Insurance is not always possible, and with this incredible offer from Smile Spa - it is likely not even the best option. Take a look at the savings you will realize - while receiving all the added amenities and expertise of Tucson's one-of-a-kind dental and spa environment. Your budget and your desire for complete and holistic oral health are now at peace with one another.

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Regardless of the type of problems that you have experienced with your teeth, the expertise held by Drs. Alexander and Koo is available right here in Tucson to help you achieve the kind of smile that will fetch you complements and self-esteem from this day forward. Our implants are safely completed in one day-where other offices require several months and multiple visits!

Take a moment to view the types of treatments that have delighted our patients, using a range of techniques including porcelain veneers, dental crowns, bridgework, dental implants, and onlays. What are you waiting for? We will provide a solution for any reason that has held you back from your best smile!

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